The Luminiser Lantern


Don´t get caught in the dark..... Preorder your Luminiser today *** This product ships September 2018***

By using thermoelectricity, The Luminiser transforms the heat energy from one single tea light candle into a powerful LED light lasting 5-6 hours, providing 15-20 times the light than a candle alone.
No batteries, solar or cords required.
The Luminiser comes with a unit for lamp oil that can provide up to 10 hours of light. With two settings, you can have a powerful reading light, or work comfortably and confidently in the light of the Luminiser.
The Luminiser is lightweight, rugged and durable.
Use it indoors or outside!




Length 12 cm, Width 12 cm, Height 14 cm / 25 cm


350 grams / 0.8 lb

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