About Us

Innovating Instruments to Power up Your Smartphones Smartly……


Who We Are?

Luminiser is an electronics and customer essential products company that commenced its journey in 2018 with the motivation to devise instruments that greatly improves the performance of smartphones. We design solar energized devices that eliminate the need for charging and back up our customers and their phones. With a most impressive team of experts, we are committed to design, develop and deliver the best user experience.


What We Do…

Luminiser aims to meet the progressing needs of our customers. We engineer the most innovative products that utilize solar power to provide an eco-friendly solution at home or while traveling. Our products including solar power bank and solar charger conform to the standards of international quality control and accommodate our customers’ needs excellently.


Our Products (A Glimpse to Our Craftsmanship)

We are continuously working to provide our customers with premium quality products and services. We have portable solar panel, solar powered phone charger, solar USB charger that offers environment friendly charging solutions. Our solar chargers for camping increase the phone’s efficiency while ensuring great performance and long battery life. We innovate the best portable charging products that aim to make your life easier.


Our Vision

Taking one step at a time, Luminiser is experimenting towards constant evolution. We employ power to meet the growing customer needs in most innovative ways. Our products like foldable solar panel, portable solar charger, etc are encouraging customers to embrace the most sustainable way of utilizing the resources.