Luminiser Portable Solar Charger

Dual USB Phone and Device Portable Charger – with Digital Ammeter Display – Waterproof for Camping and Travel – 15W, 21W, 28W

Features a pocket for your device and folds into a neat protected package. You can get an environmentally friendly charge at home, or a handy portable charge when camping or traveling. Check out our other solar chargers, get exactly what you need.

Luminiser Portable Solar Charger

Reasons to Buy Luminiser Portable Solar Charger

  • We offer an industry leading up to 23.5% conversion rate and feature scratch protective PET coating
  • 2 USB charging ports and 15W, 2.5A of power you’re ready to charge anywhere.
  • Features a pocket for your device and folds into a neat protected package.
  • Luminiser we’re innovating power. Our aim is always to make your life easier.
  • Luminiser Solar Powered Charger uses our Intelligent Charge System to ensure your device never receives more power than it needs.

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Portable Solar Charger
Waterproof for Camping and Travel
Dual USB Phone
Portable Solar Charger

Frequently Asked Questions About Luminiser Portable Solar Charger

The weight of our product without the package is 1.35 pounds. Thank you!
Weight 15 watt solar panel = 380 grams = 0,8 pounds
Weight 21 watt solar panel = 510 grams = 1,1 pounds
Weight 28 watt solar Panel = 640 grams = 1,4 pound

mAh means milliamp Hour and is a unit that measures (electric) power over time.

As long as the sun is hitting even one panel it’ll charge but it will not be nearly as efficient No they don’t but less sun greatly reduces the units charging capacity just plug your phone in it’ll show you that it’s charging.

Our solar panels are just water-resistant.

No. There is no way to store a charge within there is no battery.


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