why we need solar power banks

Solar Power Banks

In this modern age, we are reliant on our mobile phones and other hand-held devices. We no longer even remember phone numbers; we just use our phone to look them up. Thus, it is important to keep our phones and devices charged all the time. Power banks are a good solution to charge your devices on the go. While travelling, you must have gotten used to carrying power banks in order to keep your devices charged. However, an eco-friendly and more effective choice is to carry solar powered power banks. Solar power banks allow you to harness solar energy and charge your devices.

Reason why we need solar power banks

Here are some of the top reasons why solar power banks are the need of the hour:

Charging on the go

You can use your power bank to charge devices on the go, but your power bank may run out of charge too. This is especially relevant if you are going on a long journey or you regularly forget to charge your power bank. The fundamental limitation of a power bank is that it needs to be charged too. Solar power banks overcome this limitation. You can charge solar power banks on the go itself as long as sunlight is available.

If you are going on a long journey, you don’t need to make pit stops to charge your phone or your power bank. You can use the sunlight to charge it and then further use it to charge your devices. This is also useful in remote places where electrical outlets may be hard to come by. A solar power bank is an ideal companion for camping trips and treks into the wilderness. You can keep your devices charged in the wilderness despite having no access to electricity. Just leave it out in the sun, and the solar power bank will start charging. Make sure that the sunlight directly falls on the panels and isn’t obstructed by anything. As far as the sunlight is directly falling on panels, it will charge up.


The problem with power banks and other electrical devices is that they aren’t eco-friendly. When you use normal power banks, you increase your carbon footprint. Fossil fuels are used to make electricity which in turn powers your devices after charging. This is bad for the environment and increases the carbon footprint. We need to use eco-friendly appliances and reduce our carbon footprints. This is our collective responsibility and we need to fulfil it for the sake of our environment. Solar power banks are eco-friendly. They help in reducing your carbon footprint since they rely on renewable energy to function.

You can use solar energy that is almost omnipresent to charge your solar bank. Then you can use your solar power bank to charge other devices. This allows you to harvest renewable solar energy to use for charging your devices. Without a solar power bank, there is no other option for you to harvest solar energy for personal use. Thus, it reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to use a new source of energy. It will help you save a lot of electricity since you can use it to charge your phone daily. Another benefit is that it will reduce your electricity bills.

Modern and Sustainable

Modern solar power banks come with voltage stabilizers that ensure safe and stable charging. Moreover, they have type A, type B and type C ports. So, you can charge any device that works with these ports. This also ensures that you can charge any brand of phone using your solar charger. The speed of charge and voltage does depend on the sunlight intensity. Modern solar power banks however, can charge at even lower intensities of sunlight. Thus, you don’t need burning bright sunlight in order to charge your solar power bank.

Modern solar power banks are sustainable charging solutions. You can use them for extended periods and they have a large usage cycle. Modern solar power banks are portable and can be easily transported. Most modern solar power banks are multifunctional and also come with LED lights for lighting solutions. This makes them the perfect companion for trips into the wilderness. Solar power banks aren’t just for the adventurers. It is just as useful lying on your car’s dashboard charging in the sunlight as long as it’s not too strong. You can then take it with you and use it as a portable charger.

Luminiser Solar Power Bank

Now that you have made up your mind to buy a solar power bank, it is important that you choose the right one. There are a lot of solar power banks in the market but not all of them provide all the functionalities like Luminiser Solar Power Bank does. Luminiser Solar power banks provide 10,000 mAh of external power backup. This is more than enough to charge your phone multiple times just after one full charge cycle. Thus, one input cycle can give numerous charging output cycles.

You can charge it wirelessly too if you don’t want to use a wired option for charging. It has a lithium polymer battery that is safe and durable. It is ABS fireproof thanks to the durable material it is made up of. It’s charging cycle using a 5V/2A charger is just 6 hours. This means that you can charge it and then use it later effectively. Solar charging is a desirable additional feature that you can use to harvest solar energy for personal use. You can look at the green indicator light on the top if you want to check if it is charging via solar energy.

The Luminiser solar power bank also has two indicator lights and a compass. Thus, it is an ideal companion in case the power goes out. Moreover, it is a good tool to have when you go for treks or camping out in the wilderness. It has type C input port which you can use for normal charging as well. 4 indicator lights help you check the charge level. All these features make it a comprehensive solution for your charging needs on the go. You can even use it for daily charging needs if you wish.

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